Digital Signage
Dynamic and effective communication. Info -and instore TV signage systems based on proven solutions. LED screens, zone systems live and on demand content. Visual and audio communication, for example. in reception areas, shops, hotels, cinemas, exhibitions, fairs and so on. Green AV has developed a special LED signage solution for outdoor branding / LED signage.

Key technologies that convert digital experiences - RFID, NFC, beacons, geo-fencing strategies in digital signage.

LED Totem and exterior signage
Single or double-sided LED pylons for both indoor and outdoor use. Designed as desired. Have good partners who produce high quality and guarantee uniform picture reproduction and not a blurred and fuzzy image reproduction as seen on most pylons and infrastrukur LED signs. CE and EMC, TÜV approved. Consult with Green AV about LED

Auditorium AV solution
Proven high quality products with the security of a future-proof solution.
Indrager always always user, business and supplier interests in the project to a successful project for all parties, users and service operation. Have plenty of contact with the leading suppliers in room control, pro audio, cinema, leading LED manufacturers.
Collaboration and control room
Video Walls and LED display for monitoring, Warroom, broadcast, control, network operations, command room, briefing room and traffic management systems. Dynamic layout and custom control. 100% reliable with a redundancy fuse.

Interactive conference, meeting and training rooms.
Wireless and fremtissikret solutions for meeting room or class and classroom. Remote learning solutions. Lights can be integrated into the solution for better learning and higher contrast ratio.

Sound system
Sound should be heard and not seen. Aesthetic design solutions klangballance the main focus.
 Pro sound to churches, auditorium, conference room, exhibitions and fairs both as multichannel surround, stereo and zone systems.

Custom AV
Customized products for each project. Typically, in cooperation with the piece of furniture, hardware manufacturer, the interior designer and the architect.

Concept development

Green AV have years of experience of integrating AV equipment into the decor - Techonology is a tool and should be a natural thing to use