About Green AV Consultancy

We have experience with audio visual solutions, which include advice to the client, architects, consulting engineers and end users in more than 20 years. 

From complex AV solutions to corporate branding, interactive media solutions and concept development. 

We have a deep understanding of teamwork and it is our favorite strategy to tackle professional challenges. We listen carefully to the people involved in the project and are experts in their fields. We always want to learn the most effective way so the project will benefit from our skills and creative input. 

We develop ourselves constantly on our knowledge but nothing beats a live brainstorming with other creative minds and thinkers. 

We started the company on the background that we could see the need for impartial advice and the focus on delevering the agreed quality at the agreed price and time.

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AVIXA Member - and continuously reviews the new standings 

We are looking forward to working with you