Prince2 Project Management

Prince2 Process Project progress


Starting a project.:

     1. Appoint steering committee
     2. Put together and appoint project organism tion
     3. Develop draft Business Case
     4. Choose project approach and build project basis
     5. Plan the initiation phase

Project basis.:

     1. Project Definition
     2. Draft Business Case
     3. Connect Product Description
     4. Project approach
     5. Organisation Chart
     6. Role Descriptions
Plan for innitieringshase
Experience log
Initiation phase:

Initiating a Project.:

     1. Prepare .:
            a. Risk Management Strategy
            b. Quality Strategy
            c. Configuration Management Strategy
            d. Communication Management Strategy
            e. Develop project plan
             f. Develop Business Case
Collect the Project Initiation Document (PID)
Delivery Phases .:
      1. Plan the next phase
      2. Update the project plan
      3. Updating Business Cassen
      4. Raport phase-end
      5. Develop an exception plan
Updating .:
      1. PID
      2. Configuration Items
      3. Risk Register
      4. Subject Index
      5. Quality Register
Work package to Team Leader

Final delivery phase:
  Completion of a project .:
     1. Prepare the scheduled end
     2. Handoff project
     3. Evaluate the project
     4. Recommend the completion of the project
     a. End of project report
     b. Experience report
     c. Plan for dividends review

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