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Profesionel AVL Consultancy

AV solutions in general
Collaborative workspace design
Production facilities 
Innovative conference rooms 
Collaboration rooms
Digital signage outdoor and indoor 
Digital creative branding 
Interactive AV solutions for education sector 
Exhibitions in collaboration with designers 
Smart Home solutions 

GREEN AV  solutions are based on green technology and intuitive user interface.

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Professional Consultancy

Advicery to the end user client, architects and consulting engineers. 

Project consultancy 
Preparation of tender documents
Outsourcing consultancy 
Complete solution concepts 
Future-proof solutions 
Needs analysis in cooperation with the user  
Phase Modular Solutions 
Contract negotiations 
Coordination with architectural and engineering

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Audio, light and visual communication
Audiovisual communication is the essence of human emotions, sometimes it can be more expressive than the spoken word. It can bring good memories and bring out special feelings.

We focus on the latest technologies that meet the specification requirements of each task. 

The focal point of our services is the desire to create holistic solutions based on our customers' needs with focus on the architectural expression in the complete solution

Green AV Consultancy work is based on international industry standards in Pro audio, video and light. A good project is based on good communication, thoughtful system design and ongoing quality control throughout the project.

AVIXA Member - and continuously reviews the new standards

Have focus on the architectural expression of the complete solution.

AVL Consultancy